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About LSA Australia

Who We Are

LSA Australia is a privately owned software company based in Sydney and has been handling the VISUAL product since 1994. LSA Australia is a Channel Partner of Infor.

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What We Do

LSA Australia provides implementation, training, and support for the VISUAL suite of software.

The success of an implementation relies on our ability to understand your business and the problems you encounter. Because we have drawn our expertise and experience from a wide range of industries, we can approach your VISUAL implementation from your business perspective. We understand VISUAL and its components and are committed to supporting a world class ERP software solution.

To help ease the transition from your old system to VISUAL and to capitalise on your software investment, employees need to understand the new software and how it works in their own environment, and to this end training can be provided. It is structured to your requirements and is flexible to meet any time constraints which occur. On going education and training is the key to unlocking employees' potential and enhancing your corporate success.

Accordingly, a dedicated support service is available to all customers with a current maintenance agreement either directly from Infor via their E:info internet site and from the Support Desk of LSA Australia as well as on site professional consultation.

When you choose Infor ERP VISUAL, you not only invest in software for the 21st century but in a business partnership with LSA Australia.