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Infor VISUAL Jobshop Premier Edition

Infor VISUAL Jobshop Premier Edition is a software solution for job shop, custom-designed and make-to-order manufacturers. An affordable, integrated system, Infor VISUAL Jobshop offers do-it-yourself implementation, easy-to-learn Windows features, and customisable reports to help manage all your operations from engineering through to shipping.

It comes with integrated tools for quoting, order entry, inventory control, production, labour collection, shipping and invoicing and has been designed to address the needs, business processes and operations of small manufacturers.

The open architecture of Infor VISUAL Jobshop allows integration with the common financial packages such as Peachtree® Accounting, QuickBooks® giving you the ability to address accounting needs. With its intuitive design, Infor VISUAL Jobshop provides a competitive edge to smaller manufacturers by offering complete control over operations, eliminating redundant data entry, and ensuring consistency and accuracy across the shop floor.

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